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Innovative satellite technology demonstration program

The program is designed to offer access to space for commercial and institutional entities who wish to demonstrate innovative and new critical space parts or key technologies in orbit using their own microsatellites. The orbital demonstration will enable them to acquire and accumulate new findings and create future space missions and projects.

The program seeks to perform orbital demonstrations of innovative and new critical parts or key technologies using microsatellites in a timely and affordable manner, in order to ensure the continuous availability of critical space parts and the like as called for in the Basic Plan for Space Policy of the Government of Japan.


The Value of Our Research

JAXA has been engaged in the following activities in line with the Basic Plan for Space Policy.

  • To enable the sustainable development of technological and industrial bases vital to Japan's success in sustaining and evolving its space missions and maintaining and enhancing its global competitiveness in the space marketplace, by demonstrating key technologies of a satellite in space.
  • To facilitate the use of space by offering regular auxiliary launch opportunities for new commercial entrants, thereby creating new innovations and partnerships.
  • To encourage space venture enterprises and grow the pool of talents needed in the space industry by offering opportunities that support, develop, and demonstrate challenging, high-risk space technologies and missions.

Research Goals

JAXA aims to attain the following goals through the implementation of the program.

  • To demonstrate technologies and concepts that can create systems and/or subsystems that will lead to new innovative space missions for future demands, enhance Japan's industrial competitiveness, and address challenges facing the nation and its industries.
  • To preferentially demonstrate high-risk and innovative technologies that are expected to contribute to the enhancement of Japan’s space technological capabilities and industrial competitiveness.
RAISE-2:RApid Innovative payload demonstration SatellitE-2
Epsilon Launch Vehicle
Epsilon Satellite Mount Structure

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