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Agile Research Program for Advanced Technology in Satellite Service and Process

This program aims to realize disruptive satellite technology to enhance Japanese space industry capability. In order to achieve our goals, we utilize micro and small satellites as technology demonstration platform, and employs agile process to keep up with rapid technology advancement.

Features of the Program

  • We anticipate future needs by bringing together private businesses, universities, and research institutions.
  • We define research themes that will lead innovation or disruption in satellite service and technology.
  • We practice agile research and development cycle. On this cycle, we conduct OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide and Action) process to achieve our goal.
  • We plan to conduct on orbit technology demonstration at least every two years from FY2024 to FY2030

Implementation Structure of the Program

  • Define high-priority R&D themes based on the space technology strategy developed by the governmental platform "Satellite Development and Demonstration Platform".
  • Utilizing existing or newly established working groups, we will reflect the opinions from private businesses, universities, research institutions, and others into the program's activities. We will also make proposals to the government.