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Low-cost, High-capacity, High-speed Satellite Communication System for Society5.0

For Society5.0, which, is the economic society following on from the hunter-gatherer society, agricultural society, industrial society, and information society, the transmission of information and highly flexible communications are required in broadband environments and in case of large-scale disasters over a wide range of fields of activity, including the sky and sea. Improving the line speed of satellite communications (geostationary communications satellites, earth observation satellites, and data relay satellites) is increasing in importance as a means of supporting these communications.

In this study, for the purpose of achieving a low-cost, high-capacity, high-speed communication satellite system, we research the communication payload, satellite bus, and ground systems respectively, across the wide range of the device level to system level.


The Value of Our Research

  • We aim to contribute to the construction of the society5.0 platform promoted by the Japanese government, and achieve an internationally competitive, high-speed communication satellite system required for the 2020s. (We aim to technologically verify the Engineering Test Satellite-9 project currently under development, and, following on the next-generation geostationary communications satellite which is an internationally competitive satellite system, to research the technology required for future generations of geostationary indications satellites.)
  • In addition to the requirements on the ground, we aim to construct a high-speed communication satellite system that can contribute to missions in fields such as earth observation, space science/planetary exploration, and space environment use.

Research Goals

In terms of the keywords in satellite communication system international competitiveness, we have broadly categorized our research into the following three sub-themes.

Optical communications technology research
  • Research into high-speed, lightweight optical communications devices
  • Research into high-power optical amplifiers
  • Research in optical ground stations (optical communications, debris observation) and operation of optical ground stations
RF satellite communications technology research
  • Research into high-speed transmission systems
  • Research related to communications payload
Low-cost, lightweight, high-performance bus device research
  • Innovative research in thermal control technologies (research in the application of LHP and OHP strongly generation devices)
  • Research into solar batteries for space use
  • Research into more compact and lightweight power control devices
  • Research into lightweight/low-cost batteries

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