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Leading Research Inter-disciplinary technology for increasing competitiveness and providing innovation in spacecraft that will create new fields of space use

Aiming to increase the international competitiveness of spacecraft, we are conducting cross-cutting research on innovative themes that lead to technological innovation.

Wireless technologies

A research topics in the satellite design innovations is a wireless technology that makes it possible to transfer data or power among satellite systems without cables. Internal wireless links are expected to create a new paradigm in satellite design and test processes.

Research on on-board processing technology for earth observation satellite data

A research related to the synthetic aperture radars (SARs) that have been equipped on Japanese Earth Observation Satellites "Fuyo-1" (JERS-1), "Daichi" (ALOS) and "Daichi-2" (ALOS). We have taken steady steps to improve JAXA's SAR capabilities and then propose innovative satellite systems by establishing onboard data process and appropriate information extraction technologies.

Automated and autonomous robotics technologies for future human space station operations

We aim to acquire space robotics technology for future exploration and in-orbit services. As an approach to research, we aim to acquire technology through implementation on concrete missions such as automation of crew operation of the International Space Station using robotics technology.

  • Int-Ball2 for fully-teleoperated JEM onboard camera drone without crew aid
  • Automated cargo handling technology
  • ROS and cFS System (RACS) -- Easing space robotic development
  • Technology aimed at miniaturization and cost reduction of satellites and robotics
    • MEMS gyro array employing array signal processing for interference and outlier suppression

Research on GNSS receiver technology for space applications

We are developing a domestically produced GPS receiver (GPSR) to enhance Japan's autonomy and competitiveness.