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Research for Secure Development and Success of Missions
Research on transportation technology

Our research focuses on improvements in the performance, reliability, safety, and cost of launch vehicles, to secure long-term independent access to space and offer more competitive launch services. We continue to research technologies commonly adopted in present flagship H-IIA/B and Epsilon rocket, as well as in the H3 rocket and the advanced Epsilon rocket now being developed. Other key topics include the next-generation reusable space transportation system and the liquefied natural gas (LNG) propulsion system.


The Value of Our Research

The space transportation system should guarantee reliable and low-cost space access as an essential enabler for the successful implementation of any space program.

Every space-faring nation has been making constant efforts to improve the performance, reliability, and cost of its own space transportation systems. Nowadays private companies have entered the international launch service marketplace and the market is getting more competitive.

The Basic Plan on Space Policy calls for the assurance of independent space programs and for maintaining and strengthening a space industrial base. Under this plan we will research innovative space transportation system to pave the way to the future utilization of space.


Research Goals

Research has been conducted in the following categories: (1) system, (2) propulsion and engine, (3) avionics, (4) structure, (5) LNG propulsion system, etc.

The research target is to set different goals for each task. Some research aims to find solutions directly applicable to upgrading and solving problems of current projects. Others seek to develop innovative technologies used for developing the H3 rocket and the advanced Epsilon rocket. Still others seek to enable the development of innovative space transportation systems for the future. In particular, we focus on the research of reusable launch system for further improvements in both cost and competitiveness.

Test on LE-9 rocket engine injector
Test on LE-9 rocket engine injector
Composite lattice structure
Composite lattice structure

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