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Research for Secure Development and Success of Missions Research on the technology of space systems

A space system is a system of systems, consisting of many elements. It includes not only a launch vehicle and satellites but also ground segments such as the various ground facilities and installations. The mission success relies on the workings of the system as a whole, not on the discrete functions of its elements. In our research we will search for the most appropriate configuration of the elements in order to allocate a space system that will meet requirements for the system.

We will study various concepts of the space system, together with scientific expertise and technological capabilities in cooperation with internal and external bodies. Based on this study, we will propose a project that can pave the way to technologies that enhance Japan’s competitiveness, provide solutions to societal challenges, and enable strategies to secure industrial growth in the decades to come.

The Value of Our Research

Recent shifts of emphasis in space programs bring new challenges to the design of a space system. The value of the system has been determined comprehensively, with inevitable trade-offs in factors such as performance, cost and user-friendliness. Our task now is to deliberate how the space system should be designed to meet the requirements. Without this approach, we could neither take full advantage of our key technologies nor create a space system capable of achieving the required missions.

We develop and research space systems concepts, systems engineering techniques and innovative space systems architecture with a view to proposing an attractive, competitive space system for space development and utilization missions that provide remarkable benefits in the future.

Research Goals

Concept study of the space system to be proposed by JAXA for its space program

In terms of the future space plan conceived by JAXA, we are solidifying our ideas, drawing up an internationally competitive system concept and examining the plan feasibility. We are proposing the investigation and start-up of a project business based on the Basic Plan on Space Policy of the Cabinet Office, and a new system concept in collaboration with the various departments within JAXA. Additionally, this investigation will identify key technologies from the system perspective, and this will be linked to a research plan from the R&D department.

Examining the concept of systems for the Basic Plan on Space Policy by the Cabinet Office

  • Engineering Test Satellite-9
  • Advanced radar satellite (follow-on of DAICHI-2)
  • Innovative satellite technology demonstration program

New system concept in collaboration with the various departments within JAXA

  • Concept of space experiments using "desired use", "hosted payload", etc.
  • Concept of a global observation system that aims to resolve global social issues
  • Concept of the missions in their exploration phase
Early-stage investigations in the missions previously executed by JAXA

R&D on systems engineering

Based on the "kotozukuri" concept investigation process that we have developed, we are utilizing and accumulating know-how on Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). In JAXA, by converting outcomes described in social or cultural vocabulary into natural science vocabulary, we are transforming them into scientific and engineering terms. In this way, it is possible to visualize relationships with effective technologies, and aim for sensitivity, architectural change, and system innovation.

In addition, by preparing a knowledge database on analysis tools, past concept investigation results, design patterns, etc., we are aiming for completeness, quantification, and promptness of the concept investigation process. Based on Design Studio "Sohatsu Kobo", we are investigating system concepts corresponding to level and depth.

Design Studio "Sohatsu Kobo"

Investigating spacecraft architecture innovation

We have developed the concept of innovation in current spacecraft architecture (corresponding relationship between functional elements and structural elements), which will bring new value, and are connecting it to the creation of new studies.

Paradigm shift from "monozukuri" to "kotozukuri"

Through the "kotozukuri" concept investigation process, problem exploration and problem design using MBSE, we are examining the opportunities in space, and seeking out new partners who can design how these can be utilized. We welcome contact from partners who have the passion to design and actualize the future.