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Research for Secure Development and Success of Missions Research to Improve Competitiveness of Hall Thrusters

Various propulsion devices control the orbit and attitude of satellites and probes. Some technology uses electric or electromagnetic forces to obtain thrust, called electric propulsion.

There are many types of electric propulsion, and our research focuses on Hall thruster.

Our research aims to enhance Japan's industrial competitiveness through electric propulsion technology, and the following three themes are the pillars of our current activities.

① 6 kW Hall Thruster
② 1 kW Hall Thruster
③ Innovation on Electric Propulsion

The Value of Our Research

The use of electric propulsion has become popular in space activities in recent decades. In addition to the common applications for GEO satellites and space probes, electric propulsion is also used for large constellation satellites and other low Earth orbit satellites. The need for electric propulsion is growing rapidly. Our national space industries should be stronger than global competitors to meet this demand. This research aims to strengthen the competitiveness of electric propulsion technologies, especially for Hall thrusters, from both a short-term and long-term perspective.

Research goals

① 6 kW Hall Thruster

As an electric propulsion system with a large thrust range, we will realize a 6 kW Hall thruster with high-level QCD (quality, cost, and delivery), aiming to acquire the market for all-electric satellites and future probes.

6 kW Hall Thruster

② 1 kW Hall Thrusters

With the rapidly growing demand for low Earth orbit satellites as the main target, we aim to acquire and expand the market by leveraging our 1 kW Hall thruster with long service life and low cost. We also aim to apply them to space debris removal satellites.

1 kW Hall Thrusters

③ Innovation on Electric Propulsion

We aim to develop competitive electric propulsion systems by finding innovative technologies from a long-term perspective.