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The 10th Space Debris Workshop

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In view of the recent deterioration of the on-orbit environment due to advances made in space development and a large number of future launch plans, space debris countermeasures are becoming increasingly important for sustainable space development and utilization. The 10th Space Debris Workshop will be held as one of the largest space debris discussion forums for all stakeholders in Japan, providing information on domestic and international technical trends related to space debris issues, and fostering active cooperation among researchers.

We invite presentations (oral and posters) for English and Japanese sessions with the aim of providing a forum for wider-ranging discussions. The previous 9th Space Debris Workshop had been held successfully, and more than 300 participants (primarily from Japan) engaged in lively discussions and information exchange about space debris. This workshop would be a good opportunity to discuss and collaborate with Japanese stakeholders. We look forward to your participation.

The 10th Space Debris Workshop will be held at the JAXA Chofu Aerospace Center and online.

10th Space Debris Workshop Nov. 28 - 30, 2022
Hosting Organization Research and Development Directorate
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Site ① JAXA Chofu Aerospace Center
Registration fee None


Onsite Registration

If you are interested in ONSITE participation, please ask for the 10 th Space Debris Workshop secretariat.

Online Registration

› Application

Deadline: Nov. 24, 2022

Q&A sessions will be conducted via ZOOM chat, and the moderator will select and read questions.
There is no plan to archive this workshop. We will not be able to provide any support for connection problems.

If you register by the 24th, the Proceedings will be distributed before the Debris Workshop.
Online registration is still available after the 25th, but please note that the distribution of the Proceedings will be delayed.

Call for Presentations

Presentation submission has been Closed.
Thank you for applying for the 10th Space Debris Workshop.

Important Dates (updated regularly)

Early July Opening of the workshop web page
Aug. 31 Deadline for submitting abstracts
Mid - Oct. Notification of acceptance for all speakers
Mid - Oct. Start of the program
Start of onsite registration
Late Oct. Deadline for revised abstracts
Early Nov. Deadline for onsite registration
Start of online registration
Nov. 24 Deadline for Online Registration
Nov. 28 - 30 The 10th Space Debris Workshop
Deadline for submitting presentation materials for the proceedings
(Nov. 30)


Space Debris Workshop secretariat:
mailto: debris-ws10@chofu.jaxa.jp

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