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20 N-class Thruster Valve

20 N-class Thruster Valve
Registration date 4/15/2009
JAXA development group Research Unit II, Research and Development Directorate
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Satellite and launch date To be supplied after launch
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Moog Japan Ltd.
Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa, Japan


  • The valve is long life and highly reliable because of the design to remove sliding parts to the extent possible. Also, contaminant generation from the valve interior is reduced.
  • Because of its redundant structure where two solenoid valves with similar functions are connected in series, it is highly reliability with regard to the internal leakage.
  • Because the same materials as those used for a proven existing thruster valve are selected, it has the same tolerance of propellant as the existing thruster valve.


It is placed at the direct upper stream of a thruster combustion chamber of a satellite propulsion subsystem, and used to control the supply and cutoff of propellant.


Property Specification
Type Solenoid valve, suspended armature type
Compatible fluid N2H4, MMH, H2O, IPA, GN2, GHe
Operating pressure 0 to 2.8 MPaG (gauge pressure)
Proof / Burst pressure 7 MPaG / 10 MPaG
Operating temperature range +4 to +121 °C
Rated flow rate 12.7 g/sec (N2H4)
Pressure drop ≦0.17 MPaD (differential pressure) @12.7 g/sec (N2H4)
Operating voltage 23.5 to 32.5 Vdc
Power consumption ≦35 W @32 Vdc / 4 °C
Response time Open : ≦15 ms @28 Vdc / 2.8 MPaG / 20 °C
Close : ≦10 ms @0.7 MPaG / 20 °C
Internal leakage ≦1 × 10-5 scc/s @GHe / 2.8 MPaG
External leakage ≦1 × 10-6 scc/s @GHe / 2.8 MPaG
Cycle life Wet : 1,000,000 cycles
Dry : 5,000 cycles
Filtration 25 μm abs (built-in inlet filter)
Weight ≦0.30 kg (excluding lead wire)