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Latching Valve with Reverse Pressure Relief Function

Latching Valve with Reverse Pressure Relief Function
Registration date 3/18/2008
JAXA development group Research Unit II, Research and Development Directorate
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Patent number
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Reference N/A
Satellite and launch date To be supplied after launch
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Moog Japan Ltd.
Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa, Japan


  • The reverse pressure relief function* is newly added to JAXA common part N1045/101, a domestic latching valve.
  • The addition of the function was achieved with minimum design changes by inheriting existing design, manufacturing and test methods to the extent possible.

* The reverse pressure relief function is to expel pressure to the upper stream when the down stream pressure increases. This function is to prevent over pressure due to enclosed liquid in the pipe while the latching valve is closed.


The valve is placed in the middle of the supply line connecting the propellant tank and the thruster valve, and used for cutting off propellant supply, switching the main and redundant supply lines of a satellite propulsion subsystem, etc.


Property Specification
Type Torque motor type
Operating pressure 0 to 2.76 MpaG (gauge pressure)
Proof / Burst pressure 6.47 MpaG / 10.98 MpaG
Reverse pressure relief value 1.38 +1.2 -0.8 MpaD (differential pressure)
Internal leakage ≦5 scch @0.049 to 2.76 MPaG/GHe
External leakage ≦1 x 10-6 sccs @0 to 2.76 MPaG/GHe
Operating voltage 21 to 32 Vdc
Response time ≦50 ms
Operating temperature 5 to 60 °C
Cycle life 1000 cycles
Power consumption ≦15.5 W
Weight ≦0.45 kg