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Light-weight Harmonic Drive Gear (CSD-20-160-2A-GR-SP)

Light-weight Harmonic Drive Gear (CSD-20-160-2A-GR-SP)
Registration date 3/27/2008
JAXA development group Research Unit II, Research and Development Directorate
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Patent number
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Reference N/A
Satellite and launch date To be supplied after launch
Note N/A

Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.
Azumino-shi, Nagano, Japan


  • A compact and light-weight product for space applications derived from one of the latest commercial products
  • A hollow-shaft construction that makes wiring harnesses easier
  • The existing product has already been adopted by overseas space agencies, and has international competitiveness


Deployment mechanisms for solar cell paddles, antennas, etc.


Property Light-weight type Existing product
Dimensions (mm) 70 φ × 14 L 70 φ × 35.0 L
weight (g) 103 g 370 to 300 g
Reduction ratio 160 ibid.
Lubricant Synthetic hydrocarbon oil, grease, etc. solid lubricant
Angle transmission accuracy ≦60 arc seconds ≦30 arc seconds
Operating temperature -10 to +80 °C -10 to +80 °C