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Harmonic Drive Gear (SHF-20-160-2A-GR-SP)

Harmonic Drive Gear (SHF-20-160-2A-GR-SP)
Registration date 2/14/2008 (7/13/2011)
JAXA development group Research Unit II, Research and Development Directorate
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Patent number
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Reference N/A
Satellite and launch date To be supplied after launch
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Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.
Azumino-shi, Nagano, Japan


  • A compact and light-weight product for space applications derived from one of the latest commercial products
  • A hollow-shaft construction that makes wiring harnesses easier
  • The existing product has already been adopted by overseas space agencies, and has international competitiveness.


Solar cell paddle drive mechanisms, antenna pointing mechanisms, robot arm joints and other rotational drive mechanisms


Property Light-weight type Existing product
Dimensions (mm) 82 φ × 30.4 L 70 φ × 35.0 L
weight (g) 221 g 370 to 300 g
Reduction ratio 160 ibid.
Lubricant Synthetic hydrocarbon oil, grease, etc. solid lubricant
Angle transmission accuracy ≦30 arc seconds ≦30 arc seconds
Operating temperature -10 to +80 °C -10 to +80 °C