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Resolver (TS2511)

Reaction Wheel Assenmbly Type M-A
Registration date 5/24/2007 (7/13/2011)
JAXA development group Research Unit II, Research and Development Directorate
View diagram See Attachment 1
Environmental resistance See Attachment 2
Patent number
(publication number)
Reference JAXA-RM-06-009 (Japanese)
Satellite and launch date To be supplied after launch
Note N/A

Tamagawa seiki Co., Ltd.
Iida-shi, Nagano, Japan


  • High angular position detection accuracy ±5 arc seconds.
  • Light-weight and low power consumption
  • A resolver type which has excellent resistance to mechanical environments.
  • Redundant coil windings and signal converters


For highly accurate angular detection:
Earth observation sensors


Property Developed product Overseas product Remarks
Detection mechanism Electromagnetic induction-type resolver Optical encoder type High resolution, compact, and improved environmental resistance
Angle detection accuracy ±5 arc seconds ibid.
Resolution 21 bits 18 bits
Weight ≦2.0 kg (1.82 kg) ≦2.2 kg
Power consumption ≦2.6 W (1.2 W) ≦5 W
I/O Differential signaling
(EIA RS422 compliant)
ibid. Compatible with the encoder type

(Note) The figures in the parentheses in the specification table above are actually achieved by a development item.