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MTP (Multi-mode Integrated Transponder: USB/QPSK mode)

High-performance Lithium-ion Cell for Space Applications (JMG150)
The external view is the same as
that of the 4 mode MTP.
Registration date 2/23/2011
JAXA development group Research Unit I, Research and Development Directorate
View diagram See Attachment 1
Environmental resistance See Attachment 2
Patent number
(publication number)
Reference N/A
Satellite and launch date To be supplied after launch
Note This component only furnishes the USB and QPSK functions of the 4 mode MTP.

NEC Corporation
Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, Japan


  • This MTP operates in the two modes as described below, and flexibly satisfies user requirements.
    ■ USB for launch phase and emergency operations
    ■ QPSK for high data rate transmissions
    ■ SSA for intersatellite communications
    ■ CDMA for interference resistant communications
  • Range measurements
    Tone ranging and PN ranging are provided (USB).
  • Automatic mode transition function
    The automatic mode transition function is provided for satellite emergency cases.


Communications between space and ground stations

  • Receiving telecommands
  • Transmitting telemetry data
  • Ranging


  Property Specification
Physical characteristics Dimensions 120 mm x 201 mm x 291 mm
Weight 3.6 kg for LEO
4.0 kg for GEO
Power consumption max. 39 W (Tx+Rx),
≦14.8 W (Rx only)
  Property Specification
Receiver characteristics Command modulation PCM-PSK/PM, QPSK/BPSK
Receiver carrier frequency Select one frequency in the range of 2025 to 2110 MHz
Command bit rate USB : 500 bps to 4 kbps (select one rate)
QPSK : 512 kbps (Fixed)
Dynamic range USB : -120 to -40 dBm
QPSK : -90 to -40 dBm
Carrier acquisition level USB : -110 to -40 dBm
Command threshold USB : -100 to -40 dBm
QPSK : -90 to -40 dBm
Noise figure ≦2.3 dB
Carrier frequency band USB : Uplink frequency ±150 kHz
QPSK : Best Lock Frequency ±1400 Hz
Tracking range ±150 kHz
  Property Specification
Transmitter characteristics Telemetry modulation PCM-PSK/PM, PCM-PM, QPSK
Transmitter carrier frequency (Ft) Select one frequency in the range of 2200 to 2290 MHz
Telemetry bit rate PCM-PSK/PM : 500 bps to 60 kbps
PCM-PM : 8.192 to 65.536 kbps
QPSK : 1 or 2 Mbps
Modulation index 1.1 radians (0-p) ±10%
Frequency stability ≦±2 ppm (Initial setting)
≦1 × 10-9 (rms)/sec (Short term stability)
≦±1 ppm/year (Long term stability)
≦±5 ppm (Temperature stability)
Carrier acquisition level USB : -110 to -40 dBm
Output power Hi (USB Hi and QPSK)
Low (USB Lo)