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Twin QCM, Meets the Demands of Eliminating Contamination


SDM of KASPER detected space debris

The Space Debris Monitor (SDM) of the KASPER (Kounotori Advanced SPace Environment Research) aboard the KOUNOTORI5 detected a signal that was caused by a collision of space debris on Sept. 1 while it was moored at the International Space Station (ISS). No impact was inflicted upon the KOUNOTORI5 or the ISS by the debris this time as it was very small, around 0.1 mm. The SDM continues debris observations. The KASPER on the KOUNOTRI5 started observations immediately after the KOUNOTORI5 was separated from the launch vehicle. The KASPER will continue to operate until the KOUNOTORI5 leaves the ISS and re-enters the atmosphere.



Features of the HTV5