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MTP (Multi-mode Integrated Transponder: 4 mode)

High-performance Lithium-ion Cell for Space Applications (JMG150)
Registration date 2/23/2011
JAXA development group Research Unit I, Research and Development Directorate
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Satellite and launch date To be supplied after launch
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NEC Corporation
Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, Japan


  • This MTP operates in the four modes as described below, and flexibly satisfies user requirements.
    USB for launch phase and emergency operations
    QPSK for high data rate transmissions
    SSA for intersatellite communications
    CDMA for interference resistant communications
  • Range measurements
    Tone ranging (USB) and PN ranging (USB, CDMA, SSA) are provided.
  • Automatic mode transition function
    The automatic mode transition function is provided for satellite emergency cases.


Communications between space and ground stations

  • Receiving telecommands
  • Transmitting telemetry data
  • Ranging

Intersatellite communications

  • Receiving telecommands
  • Transmitting telemetry data
  • Ranging


  Property Specification
Physical characteristics Dimensions 120 mm x 201 mm x 291 mm
Weight 3.6 kg for LEO, and 4.0 kg for GEO
Power consumption max. 45 W (Tx+Rx)
≦14.8 W (Rx only)

  Property Specification
Receiver characteristics Command modulation PCM-PSK/PM, QPSK/BPSK, UQPSK
Receiver carrier frequency Select one frequency in the range of 2025 to 2110 MHz.
Command bit rate USB: 500 bps to 4 kbps (select one rate)
QPSK: 512 kbps (fixed)
SSA: 125 bps to 300 kbps (select two rates)
CDMA: 500 bps to 32 kbps (select two rates)
Dynamic range USB: -120 to -40 dBm
QPSK: -90 to -40 dBm
SSA: -134 to -40 dBm
CDMA: -110 to -40 dBm
Carrier acquisition level -110 to -40 dBm for USB
Command threshold USB: -100 to -40 dBm
QSPK: -90 to -40 dBm
SSA: -134 to -40 dBm
CDMA: -110 to -40 dBm
Noise figure ≦ 2.3 dB
Carrier acquisition range USB: Uplink frequency ±150 kHz
QPSK, SSA, CDMA: Best Lock Frequency ±1400 Hz
Tracking range ±150 kHz