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Message from the Director General

Ryoichi ImaiI was appointed as the Director General of the Research and Development Directorate (and the Center Director of the Tsukuba Space Center) in the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in April of 2015. Concurrently with my appointment, JAXA took a new step as a national research and development agency with a mandate to ensure that its research activities bring greatest possible benefits for the nation of Japan.

In conjunction with our roles in promoting national aerospace projects with the world's top level technology, we at JAXA join our forces to the research topics focused on promoting innovation, providing solutions to societal problems, and strengthening Japan's global competitiveness.

To this end, JAXA brought together research functions which were divided in other directorates into the Research and Development Directorate and reorganized compartmentalized research activities into five research units and two groups. These new groupings are devoted to R&D challenges across professional knowledge boundaries to allow for breakthrough solutions and technologies unachievable through the application of fragmented expertise. We will also start research after identifying technical issues to overcome and formulating a strategic plan for research, development, and technology.

It will be important to exchange ideas and opinions widely with non-aerospace sectors and institutions in order to enhance innovation. To ensure that our research brings the greatest possible benefits for the nation, JAXA should proactively work with other research institutes and universities to address national and social problems and stimulate aerospace research.Looking twenty, thirty years ahead, we are committed to provide the innovative ideas and missions in the area of space utilization with the trail-blaze initiatives and technologies.

I appreciate your ongoing cooperation and support for the ambitious work ahead for the Research and Development Directorate of JAXA.

Director General
Research and Development Directorate
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Ryoichi Imai