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Philosophy of the Research and Development Directorate

1.Innovative R&D concepts and technologies

To undertake R&D projects with a focus on innovative concepts and technologies that will help create a safe and secure society, enhance Japan's industrial competitiveness, and advance scientific knowledge.
For the purpose of producing the greatest possible benefits for Japan, we also bring together all of academia and knowledge and expertise from industry to propose solutions for social and scientific issues using technologies in aerospace field.

2.High added value and international competitiveness

To improve the quality of our research to the highest possible level globally and develop technologies with a focus on both economic effect and marketability.
Once we fully understand the commercial potential of the technologies, we map out a path into market in cooperation with industries to add high values and international competitiveness.

3.Steady development and mission achievement

In planning and promoting the projects stated in the Basic Plan for Space Policy, we make full use of our technological expertise to maximize the value of systems and support technology development for the resolution of technological uncertainties by overcoming technological hurdles through development and demonstration processes in a timely and appropriate manner.